San Francisco is one of the world's cultural centers, a place for dreamers and rebels, lovers and inventors. It's time for the city of San Francisco to rise to our challenges, embrace our beauty, and be the world-class city it has always meant to be.

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Listen to Mayoral Candidate Reed Martin explain how his policies can help shape the future of San Francisco.

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We've relied on a city hall without a vision for too long. We have one of the richest per capita budgets in the first world, yet we're witnessing evictions, small businesses closing, increasing income inequality and homelessness, declining natural spaces and street trees, and a transit system that can't keep up.

None of this reflects the passion and vision of San Franciscans. Let's raise the quality of life for everyone, not just those at the top. Let's protect our most vulnerable, and provide for those in need. Let's celebrate our diversity and cultures together. Let's respect and build on our history while modernizing our services. Let's lead the world and define what it means to be a vibrant, inclusive, cutting-edge, sustainable, resilient, compassionate 21st century city.

We live in the greatest city in the world. This is our moment to shape the grand future of San Francisco.


Affordability affects everyone, even those who are well off. A city needs a diversity of income levels, cultures, and minds to excel and envision a better future. We can't afford to lose our way and become a city that only the world's wealthiest can afford.


We need to update rent control, limit the use of San Francisco property as real estate speculation rather than housing, and help create new housing that meets our city's needs for affordability, character, and growth.
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It's time for the next era of public transit in San Francisco. True world-class public transit ensures affordable mobility for everyone, diversifies housing availability, and brings our city, and the entire Bay Area, together.
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Small Business

The lifeblood of San Francisco's economy lies in our small businesses. Let's lower the cost to start a business, reduce financial expenses, minimize evictions, increase commercial real estate, and help incubate new small business.
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Bay Area

Sometimes it feels like it, but we don't live in a bubble. Let's build a true regional coalition for everything from housing to transportation to jobs. We can lead the Bay Area to make great decisions together, and build a stronger region.
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We're all San Franciscans. Together, we can look out for each other, help those of us in need, and build a stronger, more egalitarian future for our city. By meeting the basic needs of every resident of San Francisco, of every cultural background and at every income level, we grow stronger.


From Housing First policies to immediate responses from social services, rather than police, to crises of shelter, food, or counseling, let's ensure our city's most vulnerable have the opportunity to rise above the street.


From women's empowerment to breaking the cycle of poverty, we can lead the world in a compassionate approach to provide equal opportunity to every resident of our city. We're all in this together, and we all deserve the same opportunity.

Health & Education

City-wide Pre-K programs for kids, affordable at all income levels. Revised lottery to improve neighborhood school access. Expanding Healthy SF to become true public healthcare. Our public schools and public health should be as world-famous as our City.

Quality of Life

From employer lunch programs to regional vacation travel vouchers to keeping the price of a cup of coffee, a loaf of bread, and healthy produce within reach, let's ensure everyone has equal access to everything San Francisco—and the surrounding region—has to offer.

San Francisco is a pioneer in protecting natural resources, reducing human impacts on our planet, and developing incredible solutions to our world's energy crisis. We have an opportunity to continue to lead cities around the world, while creating a more sustainable and resilient city.


California is facing one of the worst droughts in recorded history. It's imperative that we develop smart water policies in San Francisco to ensure fresh, potable water access to everyone today, and for many years to come.
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From a more resilient power grid to 100% clean energy, San Francisco has the opportunity to lead the world by moving to a fully renewable energy portfolio, creating a network of distributed solar and wind power within the city.
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Protecting our natural spaces is imperative as the city grows. We need to zone more public green space, from small hidden gardens to larger recreation spaces, reinvest in our street trees, and stop the privatization of our public parks.
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Air Quality

San Francisco's air quality regularly exceeds federal guidelines for acceptability. This has a real cost to the health of our residents, increasing asthma and lung cancer rates. We need a cohesive plan to drastically reduce pollution.
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Grand San Francisco

Introducing a bold vision for the future of San Francisco. From World-Class Transportation to Vibrant Neighborhoods to Inspirational Architecture, Grand SF envisions a brighter future for San Francisco.

Stay tuned for more details and plans for how we can work together to shape the future of San Francisco at

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